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PT. Caraka Dian Mustika Lampung

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PT. Caraka Dian Mustika Lampung
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Name:Mr. Aris Suryono [Marketing]
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Y!: gibranta@yahoo.com Y!: gibranta
Mobile Number:+62 81 943 222 889
Phone Number:+62 721 266 933
Fax Number:+62 721 269 733
Address:Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto No. 34A
Bandar Lampung, Lampung
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Registration Date:Aug. 10, 2009
Last Updated:Aug. 10, 2009
Business Nature:Service of Transportation category

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Company Brief

C.D.M. group of company is a private owned freight forwarding business entity majoring in freight forwarding line of the business industry.

Established in 1988 under the company name of PT. Citra Deli Maju ( C.D.M.) in Surabaya, the company then expanded its operation to Medan in 1994, Jakarta in 1996 and the latest, Lampung in 2009.

After more than twenty years of entering the international freight forwarding industry, CDM, nickname of PT. Caraka Dian Mustika, has been providing professional and unparallel quality services to customers, starting from CDM Customer Care in receiving container bookings, speedy and accurate preparation of shipping documents by CDM Documentation department as well as timely delivery of shipping documents to the desks of customers by CDM Operation personnel.

In CDM, we truly understand the shipping needs of our customers. We focus, handle and care of our customers’ cargo like our own.

For customers who require inter-modal transportation, CDM has a comprehensive network with international coverage. This international network covers many major cities of the world.

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